Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tucson Camp Day 7 & 8

Another successful camp has come to an end here in Tucson. Yesterday the whole team made it to the top of Mt. Lemmon on a picture perfect day. There was not a cloud in the sky and little to no wind all the way up. The top was a bit cooler but nothing like years past when we have been here in the last week of February. (For those that are interested, Ben was king of the mountain today, making it to the top in a very quick 1:40. I cracked at mile 9 and proceeded to lose almost 10 minutes in the final 16 miles.) Once back to the hotel everyone (but the very weary coach) transitioned into a 30 minute run. We finished the day off with a few beverages and a bbq. Today some people were out to the airport bright and early while the others did a 1:30 run up into the desert hills. Ben and I are still around for one more morning of training and then it will be time to go HOME, bringing to an end 5 weeks of travel which included 17 flights, 2 nine day triathlon camps and an Ironman.

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