Friday, October 10, 2008

Twas the Night Before.......Ironman

Luke explaining the concept of Days Rest Interval to me once again. I've tried telling him that clocking with a calendar is meant as a joke.

The Last Swim before it counts!

I will be brief since my head is all over the place right now. Highlights from the past couple of days;
-I was finally able to get hold of my Mom and wish her a Happy Birthday. The place we are staying doesn't have a phone so I had been heading over to the local pay phone, but kept getting a busy signal or no answer.
-Pro meeting yesterday. Always the same stuff, but with more questions this year thanks to Sindballe who seemed to have a laundry list of questions. Dude, you go to the front and ride hard. End of story.
- Got to see HPR team mates Karyn Kowal and Kevin Suckling (Unfortunately Karen Suckling was back at the condo waiting for lost luggage) for the first time yesterday at the swim.
-Had all you can eat breakfast buffet and watched Underwear run.
-Went to PowerBar Breakfeast buffet (too full to eat at this one).
-Did final workouts early this morning. Because the Pier was such a zoo yesterday we all just went over to White Sands Beach and did our swim from there. It was perfect (see above pictures)
-Chilled out, had a nap and then took the bike to the Pier for check in. This is the only bike check in I have ever done that has a paparazzi. I just put in the ipod and tried to get in and out as quickly as I could. Had a nice volunteer that took me through the whole area. Thanks Pat.
-The whole gang is out snorkeling and boogie boarding today so Rach and I just finished my usual pre race meal. (Pasta, Tuna, Pesto, Bread, Olive Oil for those that are interested).
-Now it is time to chill out and watch some more of The Wire before a restless night of sleep. Actually I usually sleep really well until midnight and then I am up and checking the clock every half hour or so.
This time tomorrow I should be sitting with my feet up and enjoying a cold one.

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