Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We have made it! A big thanks goes out to my Aunt Sandra who has been my unofficial sponsor ever since I started this sport and I would go down to train at her place in California. As part of her job my Aunt travels A LOT and builds up quite a few air miles. She has sent Rach and I to Kona every year since I started doing this race in 1999. She has even come down herself to watch a couple of times. Thank You Aunt Sandra! Whatever I accomplish here, you are a big part of it.

Travel today was fine. A 6am flight from Seattle to San Francisco and then a 20 minute layover before hopping the flight to Kona. We had no issues along the way and we are now cruising town in a very cool electric blue PT Cruiser (please note that this is sarcasm). I will get Rach to take a picture of it in all it's coolness. After a trip to the grocery store we went to our condo out by the run turn around on Alii Drive. The place is incredible. We have a nice big wrap around porch. We are also on the third story so we have a great breeze blowing through and an amazing view of the sunset.

The bikes are together, the bags are unpacked and food is in the fridge. The goal now is to chill out, have a nice dinner and wait for Ben to arrive (he is crashing with us for the first few nights). Tomorrow the race prep workouts begin.

I will post some pictures a little later. I am hoping to get a few shots of the sunset if the clouds co-operate.

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