Saturday, August 2, 2008

Racing with Friends

Carl Weber - My training partner and racing Nemesis back in the early days!

Tomorrow I will be racing here in Victoria at the Sri Chimnoy Triathlon.
This is a low key, grass roots olympic distance event. Although it is a really small race I am still really excited to get out there and mix it up.
Now, obviously this is a different kind of excitement than the kind I feel in Kona, but the chance to race with and against my friends and training partners will be something I don't get often. There are a couple six packs on the line with my training partners (Scotty and Steve0) at the RTC and I can't count out a couple of my HPR team mates (Adrian and Allan) pushing me out there as well.

I have had the chance to race all over the world, but one of the races I remember most vividly was in my second year in the sport when my good friend and training partner Carl Weber and I went head to head at the Gannanoque Triathlon. It didn't matter that we weren't near the front of the race it was the fact that we were racing each other and there was an official timer and finish line. If I remember correctly I came out on the losing end of that one, but in the end it was still one of my most cherished racing memories. I am sure tomorrow will be just as fun, no matter the outcome. However, a couple ice cold six packs in my fridge should add some serious motivation.

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