Thursday, August 28, 2008


Random shots from the weekend thanks to HPR paparazzi Ann McDow!

Things are rolling along in training and HPR rocked Penticton on the weekend.
Tammy, Kathryn, David and Kevin all put another 140.6 miles behind them in grand fashion.
We had a good 30 people there (including two of the Ohio crew; Brewer and Tim) cheering them on out at the Human Powered Racing oasis.
A good time was had by all.

On the training side of things we had a big group tackle the bike course (or parts thereof) on the Saturday. Bob Cooter and I really put in a solid effort from OK Falls on and were on sub 5 hour pace before we made the turn off on Green Mountain Road and tackled the climb to our cabin up at Apex. This is where the ride got ugly. The last 11km (56 minutes climbing time) is straight up (at a very sick grade) and even a Red Bull at the bottom didn't give me the wings I needed. It was a struggle to watch Ben ride away on the climb, but I did make it without crying or chucking my bike in the ditch. Looking back on my log book from 2007 when I did this same ride, I found out that we actually did it 50 minutes faster. This bodes well.

The next day was a nice 2 hour run along the Kettle Valley Railway trail opposite Skaha Lake while the athletes were out racing the bike course. This run is probably one of the nicest out there; scenic and quiet. It took a while to get the old legs turning over, but once they were ticking over they felt good.

I am now back in Victoria and getting ready for the Vancouver Triathlon next Monday and then a BIG week of training in Kona. I will try and post some updates from the camp.

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