Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ohio Camp

It was another big weekend of training, but this weekend I was down in Ohio with the Columbus Human Powered Racing team. Rach and I flew in on Thursday and then were up the next morning to head down to Portsmouth (about a 2 hour drive south). We all stayed in the cabins at the Shawnee State Park which is the home of the DeSoto Triple T Triathlon. The terrain for training here is perfect, lots of hills and forests. We did loops of the Half Iron Course which brought hill after hill. Friday was a 3:30 ride late in the afternoon (hot and sunny) and then a team dinner and talk at the lodge. The next day was a 5 - 6 hour ride in the driving rain followed by a short transition run and then another team get together and talk at one of the fire pits. Today was an early start with a 21km trail run which we did on the Triple T course. It is basically a course that goes 5km up and then down X 2. This run was followed up by an icing of the legs in the lake and then the trip home. All in all, another great weekend of training with great people.

Here are some pictures from the camp!

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