Thursday, August 2, 2012

5 Best Ironman Athletes of All Time!?

Great topic to discuss on a long ride or run. Jazz and I use to have this one for hours.

My Top 5

Mark Allen (Best Ever, Would be interesting to see what he would have done head to head with Alexander)
Craig Alexander (Hawaii Course Record and 3 Kona Titles,  Nuff Said. Perhaps the most suited to this distance ever)
Chris McCormack (Love him or hate him, the guy knows how to win and victory against Ralaert in Kona sealed the deal on this one)
Peter Reid (Knew how to prepare and win at this distance like no one else)
Dave Scott (Forget all the wins in Kona, 2nd place at age 40 and 5th at 42 in Kona showed that he would have been a champion there in his prime against anyone)

(I know there are some Euros not on there, but I have reasons for leaving them off)

Yes, winning in Hawaii carries a lot of weight in my picks.

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