Sunday, August 14, 2011

2 Weeks And A Little Perspective....

In two weeks I will be heading towards my 25th Ironman finish.
Yes, there will be a finish no matter what at this one.
My goal is to have a great race and get myself into Kona for one more finish there too.
I am actually feeling great despite Lake Placid being only 3 weeks ago. In fact, I am dealing with less health issues now than I was before Placid or Texas.

This past week I had a real scare and almost lost Rex to a really bad infection. It was one of those perspective moments. He might just be a dog, but he has been there since my first Ironman in 99 and he has never given a shit how I do in a race as long as I come home and throw a ball for him. Important to remember that most people in our lives don't give a shit how we do either as long as we come home and give them the attention that gets taken away during our self obsessed training periods.

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