Sunday, April 3, 2011

California 70.3 - 27th (4:19)

Well, I would like to say that went well, but it is tough when you finish in a different time zone than the winners. Having said that, I was very happy to finish this one (I hadn't actually finished a race in 8 months) and looking on the bright side, it was a heck of a workout since I spent pretty much the entire day solo. I was actually ok with my ride and run. Last year I rode a couple minutes faster, but in a group. This year I was actually unsure if I was still on the course a couple of times. In the end I finished a few minutes off of what I did it in last year, but with a much deeper field that had me finishing way down in 27th place. I look forward to trying to recover quickly and come back next week at the Texas 70.3 where the competition should prove to be just as fast if not faster.

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Tammy & Chad said...

Congrats Mike!!!
Tammy & Chad