Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Dad; On the Campaign Trail Once Again!

Elect Jim Neill, Williamsville District, Kingston

Dear Neighbours,

With the encouragement of friends and residents in Williamsville, I’ve decided to run in the upcoming municipal election.

As a former councilor I know a strong commitment is needed to do the job properly. I always called it my “fulltime, part time job”. I again have the time and the energy required to serve you on City Council.

Kingston aspires to be Canada's ‘most sustainable city’.

I believe this needs to be more than just a slogan. It means including sustainability standards in all our decisions, both large and small. It means reducing the environmental impact of all city printing. It means developing commuter cycle paths on all new and renewed road construction. It means making recycling available in all parks and on all walkways. It means an expanded, affordable public transit. We need to explore green energy options in all city construction and renovation. We must put a sustainability lens on everything from the poker run to mega projects like the proposed third crossing. We will never be a more sustainable city by operating from a 20th Century mindset. We can’t continue business as usual.

I pledge to be there for the people of Williamsville. And not just at election time. I commit to getting back to the citizens of Kingston within 24 hours or sooner whenever I’m contacted regarding our neighbourhood or any other city issue.

I believe in public service. That means being open and accessible to all people, not just the few who may be connected.

I’m committed to open and transparent government. That means encouraging Town Hall meetings and having public consultations before decisions are made. Whether large projects like pools, bridges, and arenas, or more local issues such as hastily removing healthy trees and the uneven reforestation of our neighbourhoods. Concerned citizens need to be consulted! I believe that it’s time you put the “District” back into District Councilor. It’s time you had a voice at city hall, instead of only hearing city hall’s voice in Williamsville.

When elected I will represent all the people of Williamsville. I want to be your voice at City Hall. That begins by listening to you.


Jim Neill /

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