Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best Race Report EVER!

Definitely better than anything I have ever written.

Xterra Vashon Island race report
Submitted by Kelly on Tue, 2010/07/13 - 5:37am.

New goggles to replace the ones that broke 5 min before my deep water start swim heat and forced me to McGuyver (more like McGruber) them, albiet poorly--$20

New front derailleur and cable to replace the one I bent during my spectacular endo halfway through the bike course--$l00 or so.

Ibuprofen, Tylenol and hopefully something stronger for landing on my ribcage during previously mentioned endo--$40 or whatever they are charging on the street for Percocet/Dilaudid/Demerol if I can't convince a walk-in Dr to give me narcotics

My appointment at a walk-in clinic tomorrow--free! I love Canada!

Broken chain incurred 2/3 through the bike loop--$35

Gratitude for some guy who gave Teri a chain tool for me to use so I could keep on going--lots!

Gratitude for Teri-endless, considering she didn't even know what a chain tool was.

Hug from Bertrand at the finish--cost me $50 for it but worth it!!

Being fit, healthy and able to finish this poop-show of a race and laugh about it--PRICELESS!!!

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