Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Season Begins

I have a few races under my belt so far in 2010, but the real season is about to begin. My 8 week window to Ironman Lake Placid starts next weekend and that is when the real focused work will begin. Training has gone well over the past few months and thanks to only limited scrapes with cars and religiously hitting Bikram Yoga I seem to have kept injuries at bay. This good health has set me up nicely for the next phase of training. I am feeling strong and ready to return to the place where I did my first Ironman way back in 1999. My homestay from that first Ironman are good friends to this day and I look forward to once again staying with Steve Doxzon and Jennifer Newhart. It is amazing to think that it was 11 years ago that I started this journey and nothing would be better than to go back to where it all began and have my best Ironman yet.

Next up is the Oliver Half on June 6th. With most of the HPR gang racing this will definitely be another fun race to be a part of.

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