Monday, April 26, 2010


Myself, Jasper, Laura, Heather, Kim, Sandy, Elisa and Colin all headed over to the mainland on Saturday for the Delta Triathlon! A lot of people were giving Jasper and I a hard time for going over and doing this race (very small and local) but it was a great chance to actually have a race against a training partner and friend and these are always the most fun. Getting to travel over and race with my HPR team mates made it even better. The race was close; we swam the entire 700m side by side but a small miscue in transition had me start out on the bike about 30 seconds down. It took the full 20km on the bike to ride back up to him and I knew that I would have needed a small buffer on the run to hold him off. Unfortunately I didn't get that and spent the 5km watching him get smaller and smaller up ahead, eventually finishing a minute down in 2nd.

A big Congratulations to my team mates who all had great races (or partial races).

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