Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Being sick sucks! Not a very profound statement I know. Luckily I don't suffer through many colds, but this one has had me down for almost an entire week. Now in the grand scheme of things that is not very long and I should not be complaining, but when one of your jobs is getting the most out of your body it is a real pain in the a$$ when everything decides to shut down. As athletes we are constantly asking a lot of our body so I guess it should be aloud to revolt now and then and ask for mercy. I have had more rest in the past few days than I have had in a couple of years. We are talking going to bed at 7pm and getting a solid 11 hours of sleep (the wonders of Neo Citran).

One of the mistakes I made in the beginning was trying to "train through it". I knew I had been fighting something for a few days but kept plowing through workouts. I felt like crap beginning each session, but once I got going I was fine. This is a somewhat normal feeling when you are tired and often happens at the end of a build period, but when it is happening day after day it is often a sign that things are about to head south (and they did). Mike the coach always tells athletes to back off when they start feeling this way. Mike the athlete doesn't necessarily follow the same advice (do as I say.....). Luckily, things seem to have taken a turn for the better and I am feeling a little more human this morning. Hopefully my body has forgiven me for the past 16 years of abuse and I can get back into routine by the weekend. Race season is fast approaching.

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