Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick Update

Life is rolling along. Days are short here in Victoria now, so it makes motivation wane at times. Unlike years past I am not taking off-season quite as off as I have in the past (although you wouldn't think this by reading my twitter updates). I am actually training each day and putting in around 15 hours a week of training. Nothing structured, just a couple hours a day of something. Randy comments on my training log now and then (more to laugh at me than anything). I did put in a couple serious weeks of training for the beer mile which involved both beer and running on the track (didn't put the two together until race day). I don't know why beer company's haven't jumped on top of this event and tried to get it on TV. Talk about spectator friendly. Most of your armchair athletes could never imagine doing an Ironman, but I am sure that they could all see themselves drinking four beers and running around a track four times.

As for my 2010 season, that is still in the planning stages. I know I will be doing a camp with HPR in Tucson the first two weeks of March. After that I am still working out a plan that will have me ready for Ironman U.S.A. Lake Placid in July. The WTC is taking on a new initiative with a Pro Membership. Other pros have sounded off on their blogs about this development. I am still waiting for them to come out with a little more information before I give my opinion. As it stands now there are a lot of aspects of it that simply don't make sense or are too vague to really comment on. Saying you are going to do more drug testing and out of competition testing is great, but there is no real detail as to how they are going to do this. There is no doubt that we need more testing in our sport, but it has to be transparent.

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