Friday, October 9, 2009


The bike is on the pier, the race bags are on their racks and now the waiting begins.
This is always one of the toughest times. Time seems to stand still for a bit and then before you know it you only have 10 minutes before the gun goes off. This is still the one event where I get extremely nervous in the last couple days and especially the last couple of hours before the race. Once the cannon goes off and we are on our way it disappears, but boy I do not like these final hours all that much.

As far as my form is concerned, I feel great. I am fit, healthy (knock on wood) and getting to the start of tomorrow's swim being able to say that is always a victory in itself. Every year presents it's ups and downs and this year has been no exception. There were some pretty low moments through the summer when I couldn't run and consequently not race, but everything seems to have come around. The past 8 weeks have been very consistent. From the training up at Apex during IMC to the camp I did here 3 weeks ago with Kevin, all has gone according to plan. If I can just stick to my game plan I should be able to go pretty fast. At then end of the day that is all you can try and do; go fast!

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