Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Next Up!

Lake Stevens 70.3 this Sunday. A chance to mix it up with some of the big boys and see where I am at. After that, the 8 week build to Kona begins.

I am going to follow the same prep I have done the past couple of years. Tough training in Penticton during IMC weekend where I do the hardest ride of my year; the IM course followed by the climb up to APEX (30 km of climbing, the last 11km being ridiculous).
The next weekend I will race the Vancouver Tri in Stanley Park and then leave the next day with Kevin Suckling for an 8 day camp in Kona. After the 8 days of work in Kona it will be back to Victoria for a couple of weeks before making the return journey to Kona 10 days prior to the race. Hard to believe it is here again. I live for this time of year.

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