Friday, May 22, 2009


Not a lot to report these days. When I arrived back from Florida I had a very relaxed week of training, which is not to be confused with a relaxed week. Rach and I spent the week living in the spare room as Sean Cunningham helped us renovate our bedroom. This ended up taking a full week and kept me from getting at my road bike which was buried in the office. Now that it is done (well, almost done) it looks great and I am happy Rach took the initiative to get it started (closet wall taken down, new wall put up, carpet ripped out, painted, new flooring, new lighting).

My folks are out this week for a visit so it has been great to catch up with them. They had been here a couple of times before, but it was always in the fall when the rain had started. They are getting to see what Victoria is really like now when the sun is out.

2 weeks from Sunday is the next race (The Oliver Half) over in the Okanagan. I am looking forward to this one because a number of the team are heading over as well. Should be a fun weekend.

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