Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Train and Travel

One more week at home and then it is back on the road. Training is going well. The past couple of weeks have been very tough, but I know come this time next week I will have a good couple of days to recover. Once again I will travel to Columbus overnight next Tuesday and then do the annual over night road trip from Ohio to Panama City Beach on Wednesday. Doesn't sound like great race prep, but it has worked in the past.

Here in Victoria we have put together a great swim group with the help of Clint Lien. We are in the water together Tuesday and Thursday mornings and it is 90 minutes of solid work. We get 4.5 - 5km in and (so far) they have been tough sets. There are a number of talented long course athletes coming up through the ranks here in Victoria and it is fun to see them improving. These guys (and women) are talented and they have the right attitude. They will definitely leave their mark this year.

Tomorrow night; Vancouver Vs. Chicago. Should be a great series. Go Hawks!

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