Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Swimming with Dophins (and the criminal)

We all had one of the coolest experiences of our lives this morning. Rach, Luke, Heather and I were swimming out to the Coffee Bar on the course (I am not kidding about this) and as I was swimming I grazed something. This something that I grazed was big, gray and it had a fin. At first you can imagine what my initial thought was. I froze and looked up to see one of the lifeguards on a kayak having a chuckle. She had seen the oncoming collision. What I thought was a shark ended up being a dophin. The coolest thing is that there wasn't just one dophin, I had swam into an entire pod. I was treading water and watching Rach swim towards me. She was still unaware that they were there until two swam right in front of her. She had that initial moment of panic too and then her face just lit up. We just kept diving down and watching them and then coming back to the surface and saying "COOL"! We were off to the side and it was amazing how many people were race focussed and either swimming with their eyes closed or oblivious to the fact that they were in fact swimming with dolphins. We hadn't planned on running into Ben (the criminal) but he was there too. I asked him how long he had been out and he said he had been swimming in circles watching them for 45 minutes. How could you not. The coolest part was watching them go down to the bottom, reverse course and then with what seemed like two or three tail movements, launch themself to the surface and up out of the water. They put on a spectacular show and I think they were enjoying it. I know I was extremely grateful to have seen it.

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