Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Back (again) and Motivation!

Finally (At least that is how it seems)! I have now put together a good solid couple weeks of training. It seems that my training has been stopping and starting an awful lot since December. Maybe it is age, but whatever it is my body has decided that it wants to start training again, this in turn has had a huge factor on my motivation. I am now eager to get out the door for workouts where before I was always worried that I would come back from workouts feeling down because my body was still letting me know it wasn't ready. There really is something to this listening to the body thing that I preach.

Yesterday was a really exciting day for me as a coach. I had a number of HPR athletes run extremely well up at the Comox Half marathon. One athlete in particular, my wife Rachel, proved to herself that she is indeed back in the game. She raced last summer, but it wasn't at the level she knew she was capable of before her accident. Yesterday, her 3rd place finish in 1:26 was a major breakthrough for her. Not only was it a pb over the distance, but it was an affirmation that she is not only back where she was before 2006, she is better. Talk about taking a hit and continuing to move forward. That is what has inspired me this week.

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