Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kona Camp Wrap Up

Except for a few team members that have stuck around Hawaii for a little more of a vacation, the rest of us have made it back to Victoria safely. The camp was a huge success and would not have been possible were it not for the following people and sponsors;

Rachel for taking care of so much of the organizing details before the camp.
Michael Brewer for making the long trek from Ohio and taking care of the little details that I often miss and making a fantastic DVD during the camp.
Team members Eileen, Luke and Marty who despite having to suspend some of their training due to nagging injuries were there for us every day in a supporting (often comedic) role.
Support crew and significant others (Ed, Carmen, Gina, Helen) for running awesome support.
Fantastic support from our sponsors; PowerBar, Greenhouse Aquatics, Rider's Cycles.

Unfortunately, I came down with a flu bug that knocked me out of training for the last few days but it allowed me to sit in the support van and see just how great everyone was looking in the final couple days of the camp. Something that would not have been possible were everyone not training as a TEAM.

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