Thursday, November 8, 2007

Off Season Update

Life after Ironman always takes a little bit of adjustment and this year was no different. I returned from Kona on the Thursday after the race and Rach went on to her brother's wedding in Korea. This left me here at home feeling a little lost. The team hadn't started yet so I wasn't really coaching, I was taking time off training and there was no Rach here to hang out with.
I actually came down with a pretty nasty cold and that had me sticking around the house with the dogs not doing much of anything. This was all a really big change from waking up every morning focussed on one thing; Ironman.

Since those intial few days of feeling lost I have managed to keep busy;
-went out car shopping and picked up a new (used) Mazda Protege 5. Very fun to drive and I must say it is very nice to finally have a reliable car.
-started coaching once again. Human Powered Racing is up and running for our third season here and we had our two big early season events; The Team Dinner and The 2nd Annual Beer Mile where I lost my title to new team mate Ben Cotter. I am now officially two hazy mornings into the off season.
-started work on a new triathlon club here in town with fellow coaches Thalia Castillo and Neil Harvey. ISLAND TRIATHLON will be a great place for athletes of all abilities. I am really looking forward to helping make it a big success.
-next week I am off to Columbus for a few days. Once again I will be there for the Ohio Human Powered Racing team dinner and this is always fun. Brewer has also scored tickets for the Blue Jackets/ Red Wings game. Great place to watch a game.
-as far as training I am trying to get in at least one short workout a day. Nothing hard and no real focus. I just want to keep in touch with the three sports until I start up again in December.

Well, that is all for now. I am in the midst of planning my 2008 season. When I have things finalized I will put it up here.

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